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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are your hours?
We are open M-F 7:00am - 5:30pm


What is your address and phone number?
Latondress Auto is located at 5205 Alabama Ave, Nashville, TN, 37209
615- 269-6664


What if I have another question not listed here? Can I call you?
Yes, we are here to answer all of your questions about your car. Please give us a call or stop by.


My check engine light is on, what could it be?
A check engine light could as simple as a loose gas cap! Before you call us, check your gas cap. If that is not the problem, call us to schedule an appointment so we can diagnose the problem for you.


My car is pulling to one side, what might be causing it?
It could be a symptom of your car needing an alignment.


My brakes are squealing/making noise.
It could be as simple as new pads breaking in, or it could be a more serious issue. You should have it inspected immediately.


What are some typical symptoms of engine problems?
There could be any number of symptoms, including excessive smoke from the engine or exhaust pipe; excessive oil consumption; knocking sounds; low oil pressure; high engine temperature. For any unusual sounds, smoke or other problems, please bring it in for an immediate diagnosis.


My car is having engine troubles. Can you fix it?
Our trained mechanics at Latondress Auto can help repair any kind of engine troubles you are having.


My car is having trouble shifting from one gear to the next.
This could be a sign of a transmission problem. You should bring your car in for diagnosis.


The clutch is dragging. What do I do?
This is normally a relatively easy fix for us. Bring your car in so we can take a good look at it and get it fixed for you.



All questions and answers on this page are for illustrative purposes only. They are not meant to diagnose or repair any auto problem, or be used as a means to repair any mechanical or automotive problem. Car repair of any kind, including electrical repair, engine repair, even tire repair, can be dangerous for anyone, and should be done only by trained professionals. Our trained professionals at Latondress Auto will be happy to diagnose and repair your automotive problems.


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