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Car and Truck Engine Diagnostics


We offer complete car and truck diagnostic testing and servicing for the Nashville, TN area. Our Nashville auto repair shop can have you up and running in no time, and we won't break your wallet!


Computer management on many of today's vehicles will display a warning light when there is a malfunction in any of the vehicle's systems. We can diagnose the code to help determine what the specific problem is with your car or truck.


A warning light can be indicative of a problem in one of many systems, including engine controls, brakes, traction, electrical, sensors, and many more, even the advanced collision avoidance and lane deterrent detection systems.


Identifying the code is only the beginning of the process. A proper and thorough analysis needs to be done to identify the exact problem, and then to correct it.


Let us help you with your vehicle and do it properly the first time.


We offer diagnostic testing and servicing for all cars, trucks and SUV's.


We test all of your vehicle systems, including:

Check Engine Light - diagnosis and repair of problem

Brakes - ABS braking system check

Air Conditioning and heating

Suspension and wheels

Drivetrain problems

Electrical problems diagnosis and repairs

Emissions failure problems- diagnosis and repair

Gauges and lights in your dashboard

Starter, Alternator and battery systems

Transmission problems



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Nashville car and truck diagnostics
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Nashville car engine diagnostics